The Condon Report

Channels: Publication, Data Visualization — 2019

The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects (The Condon Report) was funded by the US Air Force to essentially alleviate problems regarding national security upon the forming spectacle of UFOs in the 1960s. This book is a 366 page manifestation of the raw text files and data provided by the author.


The content within this book neither confirm nor deny the existence of aerial phenomena. Rather, it questions the obscurity of the information and focuses on the Gray Area. The gap between certainty and denial that unidentified flying objects and its data seem to lie in since the 1960s sightings.

The contrasting typefaces + gray paper, used for both text and cover, contribute to the elusive nature of the content. Thus, creating a navigational system that takes the reader through this state.

Data Visualization

Each case study shown had corresponding figures that were digitized and altered to better represent the data and create cohesion throughout the book. A poster was made to highlight these figures at a larger scale.